ABSS does not discriminate acceptance decisions on the basis of gender, race, nationality, or religious affiliation. All applicants who submit a complete application file and pay the application fee in a timely manner will be considered equally.

Admission is considered to students who demonstrate age appropriate abilities to meet the school’s standard grade level learning outcomes, and who are able to function emotionally and physically with minimal support. Where significant learning or physical support to function within the school’s inclusive setting and to meet the academic requirements needed, applicants may be considered only if the school is able to cater for individual needs.

The admissions process starts with the presentation of a completed application form, report cards (depending on grade level), medical forms, copies of Identification Documents, photographs and the application fee. Once a file is complete, the applicant and parents will be invited to a personal interview with the principal while the applicant sits for placement exams. During the same interview, students will meet with two or more teacher interviewers who will assess the prospective student’s English literacy skills (verbal, reading, comprehension), Arabic literacy skills (verbal, reading, comprehension), and basic Mathematics skills (including age appropriate computation, problem solving, reasoning, and analysis).  The interview generally takes from one to three hours depending on grade level.

Parents will be notified within one week after the interview, whether or not their child will be accepted into ABSS. If the child is to be accepted under certain conditions, parents will be notified accordingly to the needs of the school and the child before official acceptance.

Once acceptance into ABSS has been offered, parents need to make the first payment within 10 days of the school’s official notification. If payment has not been received within the 10-days period, the child’s name will be moved to the waiting list.