Health Office Polices
You should keep your child home or expect your child to be sent home for the following:
•Fever of 38 ̊C /100.4 ̊F or more.(student should be fever free, without taking fever reducing medications, for 24 hrs. before returning to school)
•Cold with fever
•Flu (Fever, chills, sore throat, cough, headache, muscle ache)
•Abdominal pain (persistent or severe)
•Throat infection with fever
•Cough (productive and persistent)
•Diarrhea (4-5 watery stools within 24 hrs.)
•Vomiting (2-3 times within 24hrs.)
•Pain (Ear infection with fever and earache, toothache, headache)
•Infectious diseases (chickenpox, flu, measles, eye infection, head lice, undiagnosed rash) When your child is sick and kept home for more than three days or has a communicable disease, please provide the school nurse with a medical report that states what the medical condition was and that your child cleared by your physician to return to class
If your child is taking any regular medications that need to be administered during school hours, you need to complete the “Medication Administration Authorization Form” before any medications will be given at school. After submitting the form to the Nurse, you will work with the Nurse to keep the medicine at school and inform her of any changes to the dosage. Medicine SHOULD be delivered to/from School ONLY by a parent or legal guardian.
This is a major safety issue and we thank you for your cooperation.
3-Self Medication
Students are not allowed to carry any medications with them during school hours. Students, who are behaviorally and developmentally able, will be allowed to carry and self-administer prescription inhalers. Please refer to the “Self Medication Agreement”form.
Please have your child report to the School Nurse before the start of the school if they have been injured, are on crutches, or have otherwise sustained sprains or fractures or any illness/ injury that will limit the student’s activity. It is required that a physician’s note with diagnosis, treatment and activity level be submitted before the student’s return to school. Doctors orders are required for crutches and any activity limitations, with information on the length of time these limitations will be in effect and the specifics of the limitations (no PE, no yoga, must use elevator, for what number of days).
5-Emergency Pick-Up
A student may require transfer to an emergency facility. Please be sure that contact numbers (work, home, cell phone) are up to date, and that a reliable backup person is included on the emergency contact list. Please inform school Front Office personnel, if you will be away and give them directions regarding backup plans.Parents, guardian or backup person should be able to be reached within 30 minutes. Students developing fever or any other sickness while in school are NOT ALLOWED to ride the bus home and this is in the best interest of your child and other student bus riders. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding on this point.
6-Head Lice
Students found with head lice must be picked up immediately and treated. Students are to report to the School Nurse the next day before returning to class to be reevaluated