Abi Bakr El Siddeeq School derives its philosophy from Makassed Islamic Philanthropic Associations public purposes which aim to secure a modern education and prepare generations that raise the Islamic values. The general educational philosophy in Abi Bakr Siddeeq School aims to reflect the beliefs, ethics, and values in education to create and secure educational environment
by using modern methods. Therefore, we believe that:

·         Every individual in society has the right to learn

·         Acceptance and dealing with the student on individual abilities and secure what suits him

·         Adoption of experience in all levels of education to ensure knowledge

·         Building effective leadership life to keep up with scientific and technological development

·         Constant communication between parents and the school to ensure the success of their children and to achieve the vision and the goal of the school

ABSS can ensure students to become:

-          Committed to: enjoying the personal commitment to help others based on their human and national values.

-          Searchers: providing them by the necessary skills to learn and progress permanently and continuously throughout their lives.

-          Good Communicators: receiving and expressing their ideas and information confidently in more than one language including informative language and mathematical symbols.

-          Owners values: they have a lot of human, moral, national values, ​​and Makassed spirit.

-          Sympathetic: dealing affectionately with others and extend a hand to help meet their needs and personal initiative.

-          Open: coping with their different ideologies and beliefs and respect the opinion and traditions of others.

-          Intellectuals: discovering things and topics in school making them gain a good amount of information and knowledge