ABSS provides a well formed Early Childhood Education program which includes: - rich curriculum that emphasizes languages Arabic – English – French - variety of per-literacy, per-numeracy activities - motor, emotional, and social development program - health and nutritional services - low-child-to-teacher ratio - lots of structured and unstructured play At ABSS, students feel loved, emotionally secured and in control to be able to thrive emotionally and intellectually. Therefore, we aim - to provide an atmosphere of emotional warmth, within which each child feels individually valued. - to communicate high expectations to all children - to praise and recognize students’ achievements - to put students in control of their own learning and allow them to make choices According to research, it is clear that there is an intimate link between emotional and intellectual challenges for all of our young learners to stimulate them to be mentally active, through: - new experiences - meaningful contexts - active styles of learning - self-expression - and most crucially of all play